The New Willis Avenue Bridge
DOT is replacing the city’s 109-year-old Willis Avenue Bridge. The span itself will be replaced, literally overnight, without the need to ever completely stop traffic - great news for the over 70,000 drivers that cross the bridge each day between Spanish Harlem and the South Bronx.

The bridge’s steel members were manufactured in Wisconsin, and the bridge itself was assembled in Coeymans, New York. The replacement is part of a $612 million project to replace the existing "swing" bridge, which opens on a pivot to allow marine traffic to pass on the Harlem River. This work is part of more than $5 billion in bridge investments made by the Bloomberg Administration since 2002, which includes rehabilitation and repainting projects on all of the City-owned East River bridges.

On July 12, 2010 the swing span was loaded onto barges and began a 135 nautical mile journey to NY Harbor passing underneath 14 bridges. On July 26, the bridge traveled on barges to its permanent location along the East River. The bridge is 350-foot-long and weighs 2,400-tons.
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