Welcome to Chinatown - Chinatown Walk
DOT Art and Urban Design and the Museum of Chinese in America partnered to present colorful, bold illustrations by artist Dingding Hu. One vinyl artwork, installed on the Chinatown Kiosk at Canal Street and Walker Street, forty-five aluminum signs, installed on street light poles throughout Chinatown, and two mesh banner wraps, installed on chain-link fencing underneath the Brooklyn Bridge, highlight the seven “Gateways to Chinatown.” The gateway sites symbolize significant entry points into an ever-evolving, historic area. Hu’s illustrations, in observation of people living in and visiting the neighborhood and in collaboration with the work of the Museum of Chinese in America, graphically represent each installation point’s uniqueness while guiding the public through the content-rich streets of Chinatown.

NYCDOT Art Program, Special Projects
“Welcome to Chinatown – Chinatown Walk” by Dingding Hu
In partnership with DOT Urban Design and the Museum of Chinese in America
Chrystie Street at Grand Street, Canal Street Triangle (Canal Street and Walker Street), Canal Street and Bowery, Division Street and Manhattan Bridge, Chatam Square and East Broadway, Pearl Street and Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan
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