NYCHA - Prospect Plaza
During past meetings, NYCHA has shared with residents and other community stakeholders the vision for a new Prospect Plaza. The mixed-use development will include approximately 360 housing units, retail space, a community facility, accessory parking, and open space to be built over three phases.

At the July 13 Resident Update Meeting, NYCHA presented an update on the HOPE VI Revitalization Plan, released the findings of the Retail Market Feasibility Study, and launched the Financial Management and Education Program.

Approximately 80 of the planned 360 new housing units will be developed as public housing units, and all other units will be available to low-income households. For example, qualified residents earning up to 60 percent of the Area Median Income, which is $47,520 for a 4-person household, would be eligible to live at the new Prospect Plaza. All former residents who were on the lease at the time they were relocated have first priority to return to Prospect Plaza.
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