Pretty lady in red and black

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YouTube Roy Orbison Pretty woman ...

Another shot taken in low light with that sharp Sigma 20mm

NB. Barbara in red, also shot with a Sigma Lens is there -

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  1. vision revision 56 months ago | reply

    Not your normal perspective, fear of getting run over, overcame your perversion.

  2. NYCandre 56 months ago | reply

    @kevin/proginor - indeed! actually ryanrosa spotted it right away (deleted his note by mistake)
    This one was probably way too easy.

    @vision - heh the thought occured to me, but indeed I confess I just was not nimble enough.

  3. arvind k 56 months ago | reply

    You don't know babycakes ? Please turn over your geek card.

  4. Jean on The Road 56 months ago | reply

    Sweet image . . . a modern Isadora Duncan. Love the song, but I've have chosen the video from the Black and White Night to complement the photo and for the added drive of Springsteen, et al,

  5. Loon Man [deleted] 56 months ago | reply


  6. NYCandre 56 months ago | reply

    @arvind - ha I'd googled it and filed it already .. didn't know it was such a cultish place ... glad to learn all the time
    @Jean - indeed .. the Black and White album is my fav how did I not think of it ..
    @Loon Man . ;-)

  7. Pierre Mallien 56 months ago | reply

    absolutely fabulous :-) i love

  8. barbaradee2 56 months ago | reply

    Darn another one I didn't get ot in time. I knew this one too. and I don't know too many

  9. arvind k 56 months ago | reply

    There is a Roasting Plant Coffee on Orchard as well ?

  10. NYCandre 56 months ago | reply

    Roasting Plant Coffee - where .. .. Google is your friend .. I'm no coffee fan, wouldn't know

  11. arvind k 56 months ago | reply

    Are you a tea person ? Teany has 98 kind of teas.

  12. NYCandre 55 months ago | reply

    @arvind - yeah tea too, more than coffee.. with the different varieties of water, fragrances and new combos there is an infinite gamut of choices in teas as well. TeaNY ie Moby's place has reopened I heard...
    @ranjit - on the lama thumbnail view .. how interesting!
    @barbaradee - actually that one went really fast, despite my note to let newbies have a stab at it. Had sort of expected it to be easy but not that easy.

  13. mcreedonmcvean 55 months ago | reply

    A great street shooter you are. Great anticipation, good position, fast with your gear, and great timing. Qualities similar to the great athlete.

  14. J. C. Merriman 49 months ago | reply

    Hi, I dropped in from a review of the Sigma 20mm f.1.8 and thought it only good manners to leave a comment - love the ribbons fluttering in the breeze! Cheers, Jack

  15. NYCandre 49 months ago | reply

    @Mo - thanks - you're too kind
    @Matthew/ Jack - thanks for stopping by

  16. Angela ~~ 43 months ago | reply

    I love street shots where people are caught just being sincere! I live in rural area and seeing photo of cities is interesting. Great shot, beautiful lady!

  17. Vasco Leao [deleted] 41 months ago | reply

    huge street shot you have here.

  18. Jude Marion 39 months ago | reply

    Perfect moment!

  19. Axelred 35 months ago | reply

    Very nice shot ! Nice lens, i wonder why so many people dont seem to like it ?!

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