Underground Red Affinities

Alyssa was standing there - as i walked by I could not resist this serendipitous color match - I did happen to have my camera with me so I just asked - she didn't mind at all, and resumed listening to her iPod while posing. Barely had time for a few shots before the train pulled in. In restrospect I like how the tattoos add a focus of interest - it all happened so fast, had I thought about it I would have tried to get a close up of these. The passers by were quite amused, some were shocked - too bad I couldn't document them too. View On Black


Affinites souterraines en rouge

Alyssa etait la. En la passant je n'ai pas pu resister cette harmonie accidentelle des couleurs - et comme j'avais mon appareil, je lui ai simplement demande si je pouvais prendre cette photo - c'etait tout a fait OK, elle m'a assure, et elle s'est remise a ecouter son iPod tout en posant.


This picture is # 22 in my 100 strangers project. Find out more about the project and see pictures taken by other photographers at the 100 Strangers home page.



(*) Reposted after it had been deleted by Flickr after receiving a NOI (copyright complaint ) .. duh .. Flickr could have just made my photo private till the issue was resolved instead of just DELETING it


PS. I missed the whole shorts thing as reported by the NY Times



  • Paul G PRO 5y

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called A Quiet Revolt, and we'd love to have this added to the group!
  • Paul G PRO 5y

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called restless souls - firework minds , and we'd love to have this added to the group!
  • Carl 5y

    Hmm, nice shot you have captured :)
  • Garth PRO 5y

    Ah, I've found this shot again. Wonderful work here Andre so much to like but of course the red and whites capture the eyes but it's so nicely composed and framed... and unusual. Great job!
    Seen on your photo stream. ( ?² )
  • Nino OPB 5y

    Nice colours, good catch.

    I think I'd prefer a square crop without the green metallic post. Chance she's couple inches from that, enough to crop it out I guess.

    Otherwise, very nice !
  • Andy  5y

    what station is this?
  • fotophriendly PRO 4y

  • pier PRO 4y

  • zelnunes PRO 4y

  • NYCandre PRO 4y

    Thanks all for stopping by - had forgotten about this image till recently -

    @framemaker - re" You seem to have a penchant for shooting from the rear. ..and serendipity."
    yes - as i_see_everyday noticed too .. can't tell where this comes from - for a psy explanation .. who knows indeed.. for a logical explanation.. the esthetics maybe - when walking I tend to look at people's faces if coming straight at me and at anything "noteworthy" if walking ahead of me..

    @ad454 - Union Square station N/R/Q
  • NRG Photos 4y

    An absolutely irresistible combination of subjects and colours, no wonder that you were attarcted! And thumbs up to Alyssa for playing along.
  • Eugene Gannon PRO 4y

    8,000 have looked at this shot? Why?
  • NYCandre PRO 4y

    @NRG - thanks! the sad part is I didn't have time to give her my card at the time as the train pulled in just moments later, and she wasn't going to skip it.

    @Eugene - yeah ..I wonder why - tho it's been around for a couple years already - this is my 5th most viewed photo - the other leggy ones only rate less than half as many views, and the more voyeuristic ones even less.

    First with 31,500 views is that one
    Spring bloom is for the birds too

    @I _see_everyday I may well start a series indeed - putting together those leggy ones in my current flickr stream:
  • Pierre Bouchon Cesaro PRO 4y

    Great !
    I love frame collage.
  • Christophe Cymbalisty PRO 4y

    I saw this in the 25+ Faves group and Faved it.
  • Chris JL PRO 4y

    Well spotted juxtaposition of patterns and geometry
  • Jude Marion PRO 3y

    Brilliant catch!
    (Wish I'd taken it!! LOL)
  • pjc&co PRO 2y

    Nicely spotted and well executed.
  • André Bogaert PRO 2y

    Really nice work, I like it.
  • Hendrik 2y

    great shot....

    greetings from germany
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