Tulalip beaver relocation project
The Tulalip Tribes have partnered with the University of Washington, U.S. Forest Service and other agencies on the Skykomish Beaver Project. The project is relocating certain beaver from the Snohomish lowlands, in places where they are considered a nuisance, to public land in the Skykomish River system.

Beaver are nature’s wetland engineers, creating reservoirs of cool water that salmon need to survive, but sometimes their industriousness interferes with human development. They instinctively build dams, lodges and underwater passages to store food and protect themselves from predators, but often wind up blocking road culverts and flooding farmland.

In their new environment, the beaver families will restore watershed processes like sediment capture, fish rearing, and aquatic insect reproduction. The relocated beavers also could offset the effects of a warming and drying climate by building small water reservoirs high in the watershed.
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