Hasselblad 503CW

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    I've been itching for a new camera lately, and originally I thought I'd be upgrading my D200 for a D3. After a lot of thinking and slight prodding from a few people I decided I'd try film for a change of pace. I started taking notice of a trend in the photos I was favoriting. They were all square and taken with Hasselblads. I found this kit locally via craigslist, it's in great condition and fairly new considering how long the 500 series Hasselblads have been in production. The camera came in all the original packaging and has a few accessories like a hand grip/auto winder, remote control, 45° prism viewfinder and an a12 film back.

    Next step is a scanner... I think this endeavor will end up costing more than a D3 but hopefully the results will be worth the effort.

    Awesome Hasselblad shooters on Flickr:
    Edward Olive
    Peter Baker
    Keith Kin Yan
    Masaki Hosaka
    Jose Javier

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    1. ms trouble 73 months ago | reply

      oh.my.goodness! congratulations. methinks you're going to be very happy. and if not, well, dangit - i just got a new toy or i'd offer to help you out! can't wait to see pics!

    2. - Antonio Russell - 72 months ago | reply

      You just bought the best camera in the world. Congratulations!

    3. @superamit 72 months ago | reply

      What a beautiful viewfinder!

    4. lisenocalis [deleted] 72 months ago | reply

      oooo congratulations!!:) this is very cool
      btw this is kind of funny, but i just got hasselblad 503CW as well, though mine came from ebay and i had to scramble and get all of the parts separately

    5. Michel Rodrigues 72 months ago | reply

      I have a HB C/M 500, and I don´t know on how to use it. hahhaa
      I need more time.....

    6. .btezra [deleted] 72 months ago | reply

      I am searching for a 503cw as my first Hassy, after shooting with a Kowa SIX MM, a Yashica C and two Rollei models I am convinced this is the right med. format for me.

      Found in a search. (?)

    7. marthinotf 72 months ago | reply

      ! Qué gran cámara ¡ .... Buena foto.

      Saludos cordiales

    8. Luis Eduardo ® 72 months ago | reply

      seriously sweet shot.

    9. dragonballyee 70 months ago | reply

      lovely! i've just started using a 500c (1965) with a 250mm CF f/5.6 lately. looking for a good ol' 80mm now ;)

    10. Alex_Iacob 66 months ago | reply

      I'm thinkin of goin the same way,too...From Nikon d80& d700 to either Hasselblad 503CW (or similar) or give the 5DMarkII first a try... Hard decision :/ Which one you reckon performin better for landscape prints & general IQ stuff, not that you already made the step? :)

    11. Daniel Familia [deleted] 66 months ago | reply


    12. FloydianbenArchitect 58 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called My own Blad [Hasselblad Porn], and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    13. MigRodz 44 months ago | reply

      I am in the market for one of these also, I own several Nikon film cameras as well as digital however, I always wanted a medium format camera. Awesome photo, beautiful camera!

    14. petermoons 35 months ago | reply

      congrats on the hassy. hope you still have it.
      may i recommend mr. mike peters as a fine hasselblad shooter as well?

      Found in a search. (?)

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