Fake Ghost Photos for Paranormal Instruction

These are NOT real paranormal photographs. They are faked spirit pics done as a project for paranormal investigation instruction. There was NO paranormal activity going on in these photos. The purpose is to show what types of things might cause photos to appear to have paranormal activity in them so that investigators can avoid photography mistakes and false positive findings.

Paranormal Investigator Certification Course:

Students learn to recognize common photography mistakes and evaluate investigation photographs for possible paranormal findings.

Advanced Paranormal Investigator Certification Course:

Students learn more in-depth camera tips and techniques. Each student will participate in a class project making their own fake ghost photos together and independently. Each photograph must be accompanied by a description of the paranormal phenomena the student is attempting to emulate and how they accomplished this. If you know how to create something that appears like paranormal activity (but is not) on purpose you are less likely to do it by accident, and you will recognize the anomaly the next time you see it as you analyze paranormal investigation photographs.

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Phenomenal Spirit Investigations (PSI):

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