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Christ is the Head of this House

7 Days of Prayer for a Blessed Home


Day 5 . . .


Christ is the Head of this House


Christ is the Head

of this House

The unseen Guest

at every meal

The Silent Listener

To every



(We had a plaque with this inscription on our wall when I was growing up. It always meant a great deal to me. My prayer is that we will be ever mindful of this.)


7 Days of Prayer for a Blessed Home

(Our prayer vigil began April 7, 2007)


Day 1 . . . Prayer for a Blessed Home

Day 2 . . . Jewish House Blessing

Day 3 . . . Irish House Blessing

Day 4 . . . A House Blessing

Day 5 . . . Christ is the Head of this House

Day 6 . . . The Lord's Prayer

Day 7 . . . Beatitudes


Read the Testimony of Our Apartment:



These house blessings were put together to frame and place on the wall of our new apartment in 2007. The apartment was a wonderful blessing to us for quite some time.

We moved into a new apartment again June 8, 2010, and the previous apartment was only preparation for the tremendous blessing that our newest apartment is. So, as I decorated the most special, sacred Multi-Purpose Room in our new apartment, I chose for the East wall, representing health, family, beginnings and the past my treasured seven days of prayer for a blessed home. I am ever so grateful to be so blessed.


These house blessings are on the East wall.


East Wall “Chen”/“Zen”



Element: Wood/Water/Thunder

Color: Green/Blue/Black

Animal: Green Dragon/Deer/Tortoise

Shape: Vertical lines/columns



Plant/Botanical Prints

Things made of Wood

Items related to Growth

Floor Lamps(vertical column)

Items related to health/family


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