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Dream Catcher on the perimeter fence at the Walker Art Center | by Lorie Shaull
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Dream Catcher on the perimeter fence at the Walker Art Center

Please attribute to Lorie Shaull if used elsewhere.


"Scaffold," a wood & steel sculpture by the artist Sam Durant, was a composite of the representations of 7 historical gallows used in US state-sanctioned executions by hanging between 1859 and 2006. One of them being the gallows constructed in Mankato, Minnesota to simultaneously hang 38 Dakota men on December 26, 1862 on orders signed by President Lincoln following the U.S.-Dakota War. The Mankato execution is the largest one-day execution in US history.


Some additional information on the context of historical events surrounding the Mankato hanging:


The names of the 38 Dakota men executed in Mankato on December 26, 1862:


1. Ti-hdo’-ni-ca (One Who Jealousy Guards His Home)

2. Ptan Du-ta (Scarlet Otter)

3. O-ya’-te Ta-wa (His people)

4. Hin-han’-sun-ko-yag-ma-ni (One who Walks Clothed in Owl Feathers)

5. Ma-za Bo-mdu (Iron Blower)

6. Wa-hpe Du-ta (Scarlet Leaf)

7. Wa-hi’na (I Came)

8. Sna Ma-hi (Tinkling Walker)

9. Hda In-yan-ka (Rattling Runner)

10. Do-wan’-s’a (Sings A Lot)

11. He-pan (Second Born Male Child)

12. Sun-ka Ska (White Dog)

13. Tun-kan’ I-ca’hda Ma-ni (One Who Walks by His Grandfather)

14. Wa-kin’-yan-na (Little Thunder)

15. I-te’ Du-ta (Scarlet Face)

16. Ka-mde’-ca (Broken to Pieces)

17. He pi’ da (Third Born Male)

18. Ma-hpi’-ya A-i’-na-zin (Cut Nose)

19. Henry Milord

20. Cas-ke’-da (First Born)

21. Baptiste Campbell

22. Ta-te’ Ka-ga (Wind Maker)

23. He in’-kpa (The Tip of the Horn)

24. Hypolite Auge

25. Na-pe’-sni (Fearless)

26. Wa-kan Tan-ka (Great Spirit)

27. Tun-kan’ K o-yag I-na’-zin (One Who Stands Cloaked in Stone)

28. Ma-ka’-ta I-na’ (One Who Stands on Earth)

29. Ma-za Ku-te Ma-ni (One Who Shoots As He Walks)

30. Ta-te’ Hdi-da (Wind Comes Home)

31. Wa-si’-cun (White Man)

32. A-i’-ca-ge (To Grow Upon)

33. Ma-hu’-we-hi (He Comes for Me)

34. Ho-i’-tan-in Ku (Returning Clear Voice)

35. Ce-tan’ Hun-ka’ (Elder Hawk)

36. Can-ka-hda (Near the Woods)

37. Hda’-hin-hde (Sudden Rattle)

38. O-ya’-te A-ku’ (He Brings the People)


The names of the 2 Dakota men subsequently executed on November 11, 1865 at Fort Snelling for participating in the US-Dakota War:


Wa-kan-o-zhan-zhan (Medicine Bottle)

Sakpedan (Shakopee, Little Six)


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