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A Dragon-Building Contest | by Aaron Brick Designer
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A Dragon-Building Contest

Well, after having gotten overwhelmingly positive feedback to my idea to hold a Dragon-Building Contest, I’ve decided to go ahead with the thing! Hooray!


Like the image up there says, your task is pretty simple: build your best, most imposing, most awe-inspiring dragon. I’m really excited to see the cast of draconian characters that’s gonna come out of this, and I look forward to learning a thing or two from all of you about dragon-building!


So, a few rules:


1) Your dragon can be built however you want.

Feel free to follow or totally disregard the Build and Style Guides I recently posted; they’re there to help those of you who might be looking for a little bit of structure to start out your build, and for people looking to create dragons in my style. I'll give no preference in my judging to dragons built in my style, but I can tell you I appreciate quality/ingenuity over size.

Custom elements, like non-LEGO cloth/string, second-party minifigure accessories, painted or cut LEGO pieces, and the like are allowed.


2) Please submit creations that have NOT been published online before.

I won’t be checking every entry against all the myriad of LEGO forums and sites out there to make sure, so this is mostly an honor system thing (though, of course, if I DO recognize your dragon from before, I’ll disqualify it!). The point of the contest is for all of us to have fun making new dragons together, so build a new one!


3) Only ONE (1) entry per person will be considered competitively.

If you get so caught up in the dragon-building fervor that you can’t stop, and you end up with three new dragons built, that’s awesome! But I’ll only be judging one entry per person: the one I deem the best out of what you’ve got.


4) One dragon = one entry.

The exception to this I wish I could include might be a flock of smaller dragons… but since “smaller” is such a relative word, I’ve decided to keep this rule simple for fairness’ sake.


5) Your entry may include a setting, and/or multiple minifigures.

If you feel that a setting, minifigures, or other extraneous elements would help to showcase your dragon, you can include them. I’ll still be judging the dragon primarily on its own merit, and you still only get one dragon per entry, but I appreciate that some dragons just look better surrounded by little soldiers, or up against a siege engine, or next to a castle.


6) Contest ends on FRIDAY MAY 8 @ MIDNIGHT (Pacific Standard Time).

I figured a month and a half ought to be enough time for you guys to make some impressive dragons.


7) I reserve the right to disqualify your entry for any reason.

But I’ll only do this if your entry breaks one or more of the above rules, and/or if you’re being rude to other entrants, or something like that, which I’m sure you won’t do.


Enough rules, though: what do you stand to WIN, other than my undying admiration?


Prizes will be given to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners, and there will also be a prize for “Best Minifigure;” so make sure your dragon rider or whomever you decide to include along with your entry is as cool as the dragon!


1st Place Prize: Morlac Ultimate Dragon

2nd Place Prize: Radgha Trophy

3rd Place Prize: 5006472 Zombie Ambush

Best Minifigure Prize: 5006470 Prince Vorash


TO SUBMIT to the contest, post your entry photo(s) in this group:

Please include on your photo a brief (1-3 sentence) description of your dragon.


If you’ve got any questions, please ask them in the comments below, and I’ll do what I can to answer them. Happy building!

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Uploaded on March 21, 2015