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    A yak herder getting up in the morning. Shot during the Kanjung Face trek.

    Picture taken by Chris Marquardt

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    1. nahlinse 60 months ago | reply

      Great capture of a rare moment (I envy you). Well done!
      I like the orange/blue contrast in this pic.

    2. DaOpfer 60 months ago | reply

      WoW, was ist das Orange? Ist ja ein richtiger Eyecatcher. Schönes stimmungsvolles Bild. Aber es erinnert mich gerade an diese Szene :-)
      Austin Powers

    3. victor*f 60 months ago | reply

      An unusual trekking shot. I certainly wouldn't be in the mood for taking shots so early in the day :-)

    4. Niikesch [deleted] 60 months ago | reply


    5. nubui 60 months ago | reply

      @victorf if you knew me, you wouldn't believe how early I could get up during the trek. everything is different there

    6. Dav1dfv 60 months ago | reply

      I agree with Nahlinse about the contrasting colours but there is an other contrast that may not be obvious at first, that's the one between the low vs high tech of the tents. Again, like you said many times Chris it is the story in the picture that makes it.

    7. KeyLimeSky 60 months ago | reply

      oh how i'd love to be there! someday.....

    8. aravindhan78 59 months ago | reply

      Great photo...work of a genius

    9. Aidophoto 51 months ago | reply

      Hi ive just started to listen to the podcasts of tips from the top floor [ while driving a truck ] ive just got to the one where you were speaking of this shot, So i had to get back and find it, And yes i can see why you like it so much, You must have been sitting outside for a while before you seen the event unfolding! Ide say that it was great being there at that time in the morn before the sun and all the others had risen!! As i have not got through all the podcasts from 2010 i dont know if you have your ideas for this years workshops sorted out, So i was thinking, did anyone ever ask for a WRC Rallying workshop? I would do that one in a heart beat,, I have some of my shots from last years WRC Rally Germany up on my page and we are heading over again this year, So im just woundering if anyone else has put the WRC idea forward,
      Regards Aidan.

    10. nubui 51 months ago | reply

      Aidan, thanks so much for your comments! This picture actually took about 15 seconds from the idea to the finished image. It was one of those situations where you don't have time to think, because the light and the situation are more than perfect and won't be there for long, and then you just act and later see what you've got.

      With regards to the 2011 workshops, those are up at chrismarquardt.com/workshops - no WRC one though. Thanks for the idea, not sure if it'll become reality one day, but I'll definitely put it on the list of suggestions.

    11. Aidophoto 51 months ago | reply

      Thanks for the reply Chris, Yea the only reson i asked about the WRC is because i knew my motorsport clicks and every other shot i take needs so much work, Ah well it was worth a try, And i will keep on with the podcasts so i can catch up with you guys,

    12. nubui 50 months ago | reply

      Aidan, you're aware that even on a not WRC-themed workshop you'll learn tons of things that you can apply to rally photography, right? Photography is a wide field, but the basic (and a lot of advanced) techniques are common to all areas of it.

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