CSO Forum Reflection and Assessment Planning 2020
Ahead of the 9th meeting in June 2020 and with the start of the new decade, it is imperative that the CSO Forum organize and facilitate a discussion among the participating organizations of the CSO Forum to determine whether CSO engagement in social forestry have contributed to the positive changes in forestry policy and practice in the region in the past couple of years, reflect on the gains and milestones, identify effects and evidence of these effects, assess the relevance of the network and develop a sharper theory of change and the strategies to achieve CSO Forum targets and as well as attract development partners/donors to support and sustain civil society engagement in ASEAN.

The overall goal of the assessment/meeting was to reflect, assess, and plan the succeeding steps/action of the CSO Forum beyond 2020. Specifically, it aimed to:
1.Assess and analyze the impact of CSO Forum work on governance, forest tenure and access rights, safeguards, and community economy and livelihood at the country and regional level;
2.Develop a theory of change of the Forum for future partnerships, collaboration, and resource mobilization and overall sustainability of the network;
3.Plan and formulate an intervention strategy for meaningful representation in the ASFCC closing event
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