1890 Trube Castle

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    Built by J.C. and Verona Trube in 1890, the Trube Castle was fashioned after a Danish Castle.

    It is a prominent Galveston landmark often described as the most unusual building in a city of unusual buildings because of its architecturally imaginative design.

    The 21-room castle-- 7000 square-feet in all -- stands as a testament to the skill of architect Alfred Muller to combine gothic style and the “gay nineties” exuberance that epitomized Galveston’s Victorian-era building boom.

    Galveston Island, Texas, USA

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    1. neshachan 79 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Houses with Towers, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group, please! :D

    2. froggy_lvr_18 76 months ago | reply

      Hello my name is sonia GANTT j.c trubes great grandaughter to all the comments below i am already inheriting this castle at age 20-30 im sory but yall suck at life i am 11 and this is my castle
      plus the murder wasnt there it was at least 5 blocks away because of a money trouble.i have pictures of it with me j.c trubes daughter was sonia gantt (before that her last name was trube)too and her son was david gantt aka my daddy we get atleast 3 million a year soooo haha im gettin HOES!!!

    3. alluring_annie 75 months ago | reply

      My mother's grandfather built that house . The house is no longer in the family ( so the froggy girl has insecurity issues obviously) dear cousin.

      Linda Moore Lanning owns the house now . I have met her personally . When she opened the house in August of 2006 my mother rode with the mayor in the historical parade. Many family members were there also( froggys father was not invited). I was not because I was in mexico on a cruise( dammit)

      My great grandfather had the home built similiar to the home he grew up in switzerland , He was homesick so he had the granite imported.

      There has never been a murder there. The house itself is magnificent . The interior music room has complete windows that slide up into the walls to open onto a porch . The widows walk shows a spectacular view . Also the house can be rented for occasions.

    4. kevbeaux 75 months ago | reply

      alluring_annie, yes, I'd already figured out the murder house was a different one. It is truly, truly beautiful.

      froggy, when you inherit that money, buy some punctuation and a spellcheck.

    5. uhuru1701 75 months ago | reply

      I love this house. This is the kind of house that I would love to live in.

    6. HDQH 73 months ago | reply

      What beautiful architecture! Great capture!!

      Seen in Top 20 Texas.

    7. JHeimbach 73 months ago | reply

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    8. conτιnuum 69 months ago | reply

      beautiful! as long as i've been going to galveston and exploring the backroads, how could i have missed this? what district?

    9. ניקולס 69 months ago | reply

      @jusn: East End Historical District. Near 16th and Sealy I believe.

    10. FishGalv 68 months ago | reply

      wow! i think i may've just found a potential wedding site. thank you so much!

    11. dw ork 65 months ago | reply

      beautiful and awesome skill of architect

    12. froggy_lvr_18 62 months ago | reply

      Wow,Im Suprised,2 Years Later,And Yet I AM Now Just Recognizing That I Wrote That:DD Lol,Well,Yeah I Do I Have Trube In My Blood.If You Want Proof I Have A Family Tree,Im Not Going To Fight With .2. 70 Year Olds Who Have No Idea What Is Going On In There Penny Sized Twits.And Honestly,That Makes No Since,Why Would A Fatass Say Such A Thing Sying I Have Insecurity Issues?What I Wrote,Meant NOTHING On Insecurity.I Am A Descendent Of A Trube Sonia Trube Married Dick Gantt And They Had 9 Kids. Thats Where I CAME FROM, ONE OF THOSE 9 KIDS.There Are No Living Trubes To This Day.Sorry TO Tell You The Truth But Lady,Some One Is Lieing To You:D Either That Or Your Related To Me And I'll Beat Your Ass For Questioning Me As A Person,And My Backround Think Twice Cause You More Than Likely Don't Know HALF Of Your Family.

    13. theredheadedterror 62 months ago | reply

      Dearest Froggy:
      I am excited to tell you I will be touring this lovely home in a week with the intent to buy it from the gentleman that owns it. I promise you your "families" home will be well loved and not put on public display. it will be a home for my princess who run down the hallways and dance in the ballroom with her dog and brothers. As for me I will be waiting on the widows walk for my loving husband to come home from sea. So if you are ever in town fell free to come drink a cup of tea with me, I am sure you have the address

    14. FishGalv 60 months ago | reply

      redhead- i love the line about your husband coming home from sea. my fiance works on boats and as much as a i love the water, my slight sense of uneasiness only subsides when he's on dry land. i can just imagine women a hundred years ago just like us pacing up on that widow's walk for hours. it's a very romantic (in every sense of the word) scene.

      and i'm not being rude, but Froggy, your age is showing in your inability to say or spell what you're feeling in a coherent manner. i don't think anyone doubts your relation to the Trubes, but just because someone owned a house once, doesn't mean they still do. it's the name of the game of real estate and hard times.

    15. Emily Liebenow 60 months ago | reply

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    16. HereticHammer 59 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Texian, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    17. Texas Exposur 55 months ago | reply

      wonderful photo very well done
      Found in a search. ( ?² )

    18. agnestrube 39 months ago | reply

      I knew there was a castle in Galveston named Trube Castle, we've been wanting to see it and tour the inside if possible, but never found it. Just right after New Years' Day, my brother and I were showing the nice homes in the neighborhood to his wife from California, we stopped to a Stop Sign, and bingo, we saw that name right in the front entrance.... "J C TRUBE". We were so excited and parked on the side of the street and took pictures. Just the fact that we have the same last name, and we don't know this people, we were sooo happy and excited! We are the Trube family and there's a lot of TRUBE's back in the island of Luzon, the country called "PHILIPPINES" I hope this will be opened for public soon, I would love to walk and see how beautiful this castle is. Since I have been a Real Estate Broker for 20 years, I will certainly see every details this castle has....

    19. Decipher_me 38 months ago | reply

      Froggy and Annie

      Frogster girl - Sonia had 10 children - 6 boys and 4 girls, I know this because Steven is my father. Sonia Trube (Gantt's) husband is George Richard Gantt II.

      Yay, I'm glad to meet some new family, frankly if the darn thing is for sale I will buy it up in one hot little minute just to keep in in the family and all of you are welcome - haha.

      Annie, should you have anymore lineage, I'd be interested in that you can reach me at 702-235-5813


      Steven Edward Gantt II

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