Jerry Springer

Giving a speech and doing some Q&A at Emory University

  • Stephen Harlan PRO 8y

    Is that Canon Chapel? I remember seeing Kurt Vonnegut there when I was an undergrad.
  • Alan Williams 8y

    I think I'd go for Vonnegut over Springer.

    What pearls of wisdom did Jerry impart?
  • TranceMist PRO 8y

    He needs a hair cut.
  • Brett Weinstein PRO 8y

    This was in the Glenn Memorial Church. He spoke about how his family was originally wiped out in Germany and how he's living proof that the American dream exists... but there are major changes since when he got here which make it a lot harder. He thinks the middle class is losing all its opportunities and pointed out the two biggest problems as the lack of universal healthcare in the U.S. and the cost of going to college (ironic considering the crowd he was speaking to). He really harped on the healthcare issue all night. After that he took questions, about half of which were about the show and the other half about his possible future in politics. It was an interesting night.

    P.S. I'd have taken Vonnegut over Springer ant day of the week.
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