Pillar of lake sediment

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    At the edge of a large expanse of palaeolake deposits, southern Libya. This place was once underwater, when the Sahara was much wetter and greener between about 10,000 and 5000 years ago. That was before a previous episode of global climate change. Still, global warming might make parts of the southern Sahara wetter, as it becomes drier at the northern fringes and in southern Europe - the Sahara is expected to essentially move north as a result of global warming.

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    1. Tareq Dreiza ages ago | reply

      That's a scary thought! To think some world leaders (well one in particular) still think there is no such thing as global warming!

    2. Nick . Brooks ages ago | reply

      I suspect the person in question does actually accept the reality of climate change - I think it's more that he doesn't care. Even our idiot-in-chief, who has made a big thing about climate change being an urgent issue that needs immediate action, is essentially doing nothing about it. It seems that politicians have decided that this is too difficult an issue for them to tackle, and so are ignoring it. No vision or imagination. I guess they think they'll be OK as their money and influence will enable them personally to avoid any nasty impacts of climate change. And of course, if we put our faith in technology it might just save us! Yeah right - doesn't sound like much of a policy to me....

    3. bojur [deleted] ages ago | reply

      Please add this fantastic image or join my new group.



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