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Barong Dance - Sisya

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In the middle of a dark-moon night, a group of girls dance a trange magic rite. These girls are Sisya, the black magic pupils whose pratictices their black spiritual teaching under the guidance of Rangdeng Dirah, a weadow witch from Dirah.


Once, there was a kingdom ruled by the king named Sri Aji Airlangga. In the times he rules, he brought prosperity to his people. There are so many other Kingdom whose wanted to unite under he's rules in that time.

But inside the Kingdom there was one place that called Dirah which lead by the spiritual black magic teacher called Rangdeng Dirah, which means a weadow witch from Dirah, who taught the black magic and wants the destruction of the kingdom.

Mpu Bharadah is a white-magic guru whose a spiritual teacher of the the ruling King. He bears an order from the King to heal all the victims of Rangdeng Dirah black magic power.

After a long time search, Mpu Bharadah finally found the graveyard where Rangdeng Dirah and her black magic spritual group practice. Mpu Bharadah politely asks Rangdeng Dirah to stop her evil challenge. But Rangdeng Dirah refuses. Instead, she challenge Mpu Bharadah to prove his magic power. She burns a banyan tree by her black magic power. After that, Rangdeng Dirah also tried to burn Mpu Bharadah's body with fire that came out from her mouth, but it did not work. She kept trying to do that, but Mpu Bharadah remains strong and still.

Mpu Baradah then immediately do the yoga and then turn back the banyan tree that had been destroyed in flames like it was before. After that Mpu Bharadah turned burning the tree and challenge Rangdeng Dirah to extinguish it. But Rangdeng Diran unable to extinguish the fire.

Knowing that she had loss, Rangdeng Dirah then transforms herself become a giant monster known as Rangda.

In order to defeat Rangda, Mpu Bharadah turned himself into Barong, the good monster protector. In the fight againts Rangda, a number of villagers also gave their support to Barong. In this situation, Rangda the drops her white cloth which contains of her black magic power. Men whose helped Barong then felt an evil power entering their bodies. They fight this black magic power and piercing their kerises onto their own bodies.

Barong then heals all of those who had been influenced by the Rangda evil power.


The dance was performed at the Ubud Palace, a place that was build by the King of Ubud around the 16th century when Bali was ruled by Kings and Princess, every Friday at 07.30 pm. The palace is deviced in to various of yards of which the Ancaksaji court is used for performance art.


Ubud - Bali

December 18th, 2009


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