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Food Speculation - Death for Profit

If you needed any proof that corporations, traders and others would happily ruin your life or alltogether kill you for profit, whilst concocting evermore elaborate excuses to justify, deflect, or deny any responsibility at all for doing such - you need look no further than food speculation.


This grossly immoral, evil method for generating vast amounts of wealth has been around for some time however until fairly recently in a more benign form. This changed from the late 1990s with evermore financial deregulation which has so far seen the banking crisis, and the rapid growth of this lesser known but even more damaging practise. Social unrest is growing in many parts of the world, with over 70 million now malnourished as a direct result of food speculation and an unknown but likely vast number of deaths.


And this is not just a problem of the developing world as I'm sure we've all noticed the soaring price of foods in shops and supermarkets. In the last 5 years the price of everything has risen, in some cases by anything from 50 to 100%.


From a Guardian article:

"The same banks, hedge funds and financiers whose speculation on the global money markets caused the sub-prime mortgage crisis are thought to be causing food prices to yo-yo and inflate. The charge against them is that by taking advantage of the deregulation of global commodity markets they are making billions from speculating on food and causing misery around the world".


February 2013: David Cameron has the audacity to pretend concern for extreme poverty, and to make false appeals for more ethical capitalism; yet opposes EU reforms which would place limits on food speculation. Actions, or lack of; speak louder than words. All David Cameron and the Tories care about is profit and power.


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Uploaded on May 11, 2012