the shit that adults feed into kids brains - A Tribute

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mommy ?! am i in a TV or what ?!

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  1. iecco - arshii 92 months ago | reply

    hehehe lol funny comments but nice shot and description...i like barney :)

  2. ud_adams 92 months ago | reply

    gr8 shot

  3. Hani Amir 92 months ago | reply

    ku: I doubt theres a difference betweet "gay" love and "normal" love.
    Barney is just plain annoying =/ there are so many better shows (SESAMES STREET! >:[ THE OLD ONE!) out there. Love photo, the angle, and colours are just right.

    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  4. robinbenito 92 months ago | reply

    ahahahah :D:D:D gorgeous!

  5. fara. [deleted] 91 months ago | reply

    HOLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BIG FAT PURPLE DINOSAWWRR!!! *runs and hugs barney!!!!*

    I love this pic!

  6. 'flor 91 months ago | reply

    nice pic :)

  7. ohMyMyMy 90 months ago | reply

    :D love it

    (the girl running away in the background made me laugh too)

  8. Mephistopheles71 90 months ago | reply

    cute moment XD

    and indeed the shit they feed us

  9. L I N E 87 months ago | reply

    Hahaha, oh this is great!

  10. psychonautfromatlantis 83 months ago | reply

    Barney is a purple dinosaur from uranus.

  11. isabellagutiérrez 78 months ago | reply

    I loved da picture but i hate barney :O

  12. Carnesoya 78 months ago | reply

    sabes? de todas mis favoritas, esta es mi preferida. Y con buena competencia.

  13. amishikura 76 months ago | reply

    Barney song backwards. Kids sing about being raped by Barney and slaying Christians.

  14. Dolly Haorambam 76 months ago | reply

    dino looks sad :(

  15. Keir D. Chapple 72 months ago | reply

    My kid is going to love this. He loves Barney.

  16. Pαm 70 months ago | reply

    hahaha, my dream is hit a barney like this!

  17. TatiChic 56 months ago | reply

    hahha, clever & hilarious! xD
    I like this pic! :]

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