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This is a test cupcake for Scott's birthday. See more here.

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  1. Flecto 116 months ago | reply

    Looks wonderful.

  2. rosebengal 116 months ago | reply

    The best last minute way to transport lots of cupcakes is to do so in cupcake pans. I did 240 cupcakes for a wedding this way and there were no cupcake accidents! Beg and borrow enough pans from friends and you'll be set.

    Decorate them in the pans, transport them, and then
    use a small offset spatula to remove the decorated cupcakes from the pans and you'll avoid any accidental thumb prints.

    They look great and, in case you need it, my vote is for the mini stars!

  3. chockylit 116 months ago | reply

    looks like vanilla bean... yum. i love the stars. stars are my favorite. oh, and i use plastic containers* for transporting. it makes it look like the cupcakes came from the grocery store, but they work. reusable, too.

    * this is the only internet place i know that sells them. sugarcraft (scroll down to see the containers...)

  4. berlin101 116 months ago | reply

    It looks perfect! Absolutely devine - I'd mix the small and bigger stars.

  5. not martha 116 months ago | reply

    Chockylit - thanks for the suggestion on the cupcake containers. I was looking at that page yesterday but the 4-6 weeks delivery is too risky, I just know they wouldn't arrive in time. But these are the kinds I hope to get by begging a grocery store to sell me a few of.

    We've decided on the larger stars since we're going for a logo theme, and the little stars look a bit too cute for this particular purpose.

  6. berlin101 116 months ago | reply

    Just a thought...maybe you could get some of those cardboard trays they give you at coffeeshops so you can transport your drinks?

  7. smcgee 116 months ago | reply

    Are these still the Dark Chocolate Cupcakes? I've made them with Ghiradelli chocolate with no problem before. BTW, yours turned out beautifully!

  8. not martha 116 months ago | reply

    smcgee - yup, same recipe as I've been using. Perhaps I used the wrong amount of some ingredient, but the chocolate just didn't taste good to me this time. This just means I'll have to make another test batch, poor me! and Scott's coworkers who get the rest!

  9. kelseyfrost 116 months ago | reply

    That looks lovely!

  10. semiauto 116 months ago | reply

    so adorable!
    ok, maybe adorable isn't the look you're going for. what's a masculine word for adorable? charming maybe.

  11. carmie e 116 months ago | reply

    handsome cupcakes!

    wow, that would be a great nickname for my husband.

    and i love the stars.

  12. jackie_d302 116 months ago | reply

    this one remindes me of the old fashioned cupcake in your flicker cup cake pictures. do you know how they got the icing so smooth, tall , rounded. perhaps holding the icing centered and squeeze. it looks so yummy.

  13. jmelee_c 109 months ago | reply

    This really is one of THE most perfect cupcakes I have ever seen. Every time I look at it I want a chocolate cupcake. Yum!

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