deep fried pickles

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    Pickle spears with large grain mustard aioli. I could not resist the fried food challenge.

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    1. Crystl 119 months ago | reply

      How were they?

    2. mmmily 119 months ago | reply

      Wow those look good! How did they taste? :)

    3. sbucha004 119 months ago | reply

      your pictures are very beautiful, but this one makes me a bit sick... do you live in the south? because deep fried pickles sounds like it would be a southern thing... are fried snickers bars from the south? those disgust me way more than the pickles...

    4. SomeBunnysLove 119 months ago | reply

      Deep fried Snickers and Mars Bars originated overseas in either Scotland or Ireland. There was a FoodTV Network special on deep fried foods and the Snickers and Mars Bars were featured on it.

      I think the deep fried pickles would be a neat item to check out, but that's just me... I do agree about the Snickers and Mars Bars being disgusting, though.

    5. carrievision 119 months ago | reply

      don't mock the deep fried candy till you try it!! lol. I agree that certainly a whole candy bar of the stuff is not nice to the tummy, but just a bite of deep fried candy goodness is definitely worth giving a chance.

      It basically tastes like melted candy bar wrapped in a big pancake. lol.

      BTW, they don't just stop at candy bars, you can also get twinkies, moon pie, and oreos. Yum yum.

    6. BeanBlossom 119 months ago | reply

      Fried Pickles have been my obsession since I had them in Texas this winter!!!! You don't know what this picture is doing to me! argh! Threadgill's in Austin makes them just like your picture.

      RECIPE PLEASE???!!! :) :) *begging*

    7. not martha 119 months ago | reply

      I got these at a German restaurant in Seattle after a review in one of the weeklies talked about them. They were quite good if you like disgusting fried foods, which I do. (And in general I'd rather have a pickle than a flourless chocolate cake.) I think they would be most appreciated when one is both staggeringly drunk and very hungry, which I wasn't.

    8. dianebotticelli 119 months ago | reply

      do not turn your nose up at these pickles! i first had them off jackson square in new orleans, except they were chip style pickles, and they had a thousand island based dip with them. i also became obsessed. i came home, copied the recipe, and now they are a staple at our annual mardi gras shrimp boil. delicious!!

    9. semiauto 119 months ago | reply

      mmmmm i like me some deep fried pickles. i like sliced ones better. what is the sauce?? honey mustard?

    10. optically active 119 months ago | reply

      When I was a kid Sonic drive-in restaurants in some areas in Texas had the chip style fried pickles. We got them at a Sonic near Waco when we'd visit my grandparents. YUM!!! Didn't know they had them at Threadgill's. I bet they are so good there!! I'm in Seattle now. I'd love to know the German restaurant you got them at.

    11. not martha 119 months ago | reply

      The place is called The People's Pub, it's in old Ballard next to La Carta de Oaxaca. It's a dark, sort of smokey, but strangely comfortable pub, Here is the story in The Strager that talks about it.

    12. Just Nora 118 months ago | reply

      Love fried pickles -- very yummy!

    13. optically active 117 months ago | reply

      I went and ate them! Yu-uu-mmy! Even my finicky husband, who fully expected not to like them, loved them! But I have to admit, I was salted out by the time two of us finished one order. The aioli sauce itself is quite salty. Thanks for the tip-off on the place!

    14. i *heart* sensible shoes 116 months ago | reply

      are they dill pickles or those sweet & sour type gherkins? i've never heard of such a thing as deep fried pickles before. i'd try them though because i'm all about fried food (as long as it doesn't include meat.)

    15. not martha 116 months ago | reply

      Um, I think they were dill. It was a while ago.

    16. AwFreakOut 95 months ago | reply

      Mmm, deep fried pickles. For some reason they do taste better if they're cut into chips. It's best to use a beer batter with them. They're a very southern dish. They're delicious.

    17. Muddy LaBoue 85 months ago | reply

      I'm having difficulty imagining...

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