Say No to Robo-Calls

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    Mike Licht,

    1. Mike Licht, 77 months ago | reply

      See it in context at

      Comments on the image welcome here.

      Comments on the content? Please make them on the blog. Thanks.

    2. Merréll O'Brian [deleted] 77 months ago | reply

      They'll always be ignert folk out there, I suppose. However, this strikes me as the lowest a person can get--both on the sending and receiving ends. I've terminated more "friendships" over someone coming up to me and saying in a disappointed voice, "Merréll, I have to ask you about bla bla bla that so&so said about you." If you have to ask, you can go @$#% yourself! Same with Robo-calls. The most surprising aspect is who believes this crap. People I know, family and so forth hit me with the robo-evangelical message and it's friggin' scary. These fools have a driver's license, can vote and can breed! Robo-calls should be a litmus test for voting. Anyone pressing "2" for "I agree with this message" automatically becomes disqualified to vote on ground of being too damn dumb.

      Hats off to the person who put the "C" word on a tee-shirt for Palin. Man, that was sweet payback for crap like this.

    3. Mike Licht, 77 months ago | reply

      Merréll O'Brian:

      Yikes! You actually have inter-active robo-calls? Ours just auto-dial us and play inane recordings inane recordings of political candidates.

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