The House Across the Street

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    This is the house across the street, as seen at night. There is a crazy lady living in the house who does alot of drugs and runs around the neighborhood at night.

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    1. Alain Astruc ages ago | reply


    2. nalilo ages ago | reply

      really? spooky!!

    3. notinponce ages ago | reply

      oh yeah, she's nuts. the other night she was in the front yard (at about midnight) rolling on the ground laughing uncontrolably.

    4. nalilo ages ago | reply

      photo op!

    5. Tampen ages ago | reply

      For the show.

    6. hodge ages ago | reply

      Heh. I used to live next door to a middle-aged lush, myself. She used to wander around her yard in a bathrobe carrying a martini glass at all hours of the day or night looking for neighbours to annoy.

      I used to hide out in my garage waiting for her to stagger around the corner so I could make a break down the street on my way to school.

      Ahh, the memories.

    7. hodge ages ago | reply

      Oh, I'd also like to see the crazy lady house displayed at your show.

    8. dogsbody ages ago | reply

      I like this shot very much, and the story really adds to it!

    9. Until We Have Faces ages ago | reply

      I can't see the meth lab! must be in the basement.

    10. *snapdragon ages ago | reply

      great pic. the lighting perfectly sets the scene for the story.

    11. sleepingmommy 113 months ago | reply

      What part of Stillwater is that in? I like to know where the local crazies live.

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