• david Kitt - danny bird
  • vashti bunyan - danny bird
  • pavement - danny bird
  • Do Make Say Think
  • Gods'pee
  • Songs Of Green Pheasant
  • Swans
  • Nadja
  • Warp20
  • stars of the lid
  • beefheart

Carpet of CDs

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Because I can't find a way of organising them. Any ideas? (this isnt all of them)
Oh... feel free to tag away, they are in piles of bands/artists

  1. m-thinkalike 63 months ago | reply

    what about genre... and then artists?

  2. nothingatall 63 months ago | reply

    could do, but what would you class swans as?
    will probably all end up in even more of a mess than before!

  3. big bozo 63 months ago | reply

    what about by combined age of band members!

  4. nothingatall 63 months ago | reply

    ha, that would be ultra confusing!

    i ended up shoving them all back in after they sat there for a few days.
    no idea what order it is, but i can kind of find things now...

    kind of

  5. big bozo 63 months ago | reply

    the only time i can't find the cd i want is when my wife has moved them around!!!

  6. nothingatall 63 months ago | reply

    ha, annoying!
    lately though i generally dont know what i want to listen to and thus can't find the cd i want!

  7. big bozo 63 months ago | reply

    whenever i don't know what to listen to i take a lucky dip and if i didn't fancy what i got put it back and take another lucky dip until i've got something in my hand i'd quite like to listen too!!

  8. nothingatall 63 months ago | reply

    ha, trouble is know i would probably just get annoyed with everything
    ah well

  9. Mikal Dyas 62 months ago | reply

    I organise CDs in tonal order i.e. white to black, cos if I'm ever lookng for one I think of the colour on the spine first. And there is something nice about having a load of black cd spines at one end, kind of brooding away.

  10. nothingatall 62 months ago | reply

    ha! i like that idea... black is the true colour of doom...

  11. icemanj 30 months ago | reply

    found this because of a yahoo news article!

    personally, i put them in alphabetical order by artist, it seems like the only way to do it that isn't subjective and remains easy to find what you need.

    I did this several years ago:

    would love to do it again but i own about double that now, it would take way too long to organize!

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