• Nicely done. I organize like this too.

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Instruction Booklet Binders

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These LEGO Instruction Booklet Binders are filled with...LEGO Instruction Booklets! They are divided by theme (which is on the spines of these binders). Each instruction booklet is in a page protector. I designed the spines and covers as well. I could never tell which binder was for what so now I know.

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  1. Shannon Ocean 69 months ago | reply

    So organised it makes my head hurt! :)

  2. notenoughbricks 69 months ago | reply

    Is that why you are screaming? Aahh-D'oh!

    It needed to be done. It was annoying the heck out of me trying to figure out which binder held which book. I wanted it to look official-like as well as be real simple for me to find something. What I came up with did the trick for me.

  3. Shannon Ocean 69 months ago | reply

    It looks fantastic man.

  4. Tommy ñ 69 months ago | reply

    Racers... yes!

  5. notenoughbricks 69 months ago | reply

    Shannon, Tommy, here is what the covers look like:

    This undertaking was the better half of a day's work to complete. Sorting the booklets a few times to account for the binder's capacity to hold pages, finding the pics online (Brickset or LEGO.com), designing the template for the spine and then cover. It was well worth it though because I am really proud of my LEGO collection and it looks that way when I look at my desk and see these instructions sitting on the shelf in their very own customized binders.

  6. Morgan190 69 months ago | reply

    This is an excellent idea, I love it.

  7. notenoughbricks 69 months ago | reply

    After doing this I realized I should have done it a lot sooner. My friend has his instructions in a rubbermaid 5 gal bin pile on top of one another. He knew I had mine in a binder but hasn't seen these done up like this.

    I wonder how others keep their instructions, boxes and such?

  8. Starwars4J 69 months ago | reply

    Wow, this is fantastic! Mine are currently like your friend's, I couldn't find a booklet if my life depended on it.

  9. notenoughbricks 68 months ago | reply

    Starwars4J-I expect to read that you rescued your instruction booklets from the dark side and sure damage/folds/rips and tears any day now. Can't you hear your booklets now? "Help us Starwars4J, you're our only hope!"

    Endproductuser-do you have pics of how you organize your instruction booklets? Love to see it.

  10. lLikePi 68 months ago | reply

    Great idea. I'll have to use this once my accordion folder dies from getting too fat (of course I'll try to make my own designs). :p

  11. notenoughbricks 68 months ago | reply

    Thank you for your compliment. I had a lot of folders filled in a file cabinet of instructions and they were becoming way too full. This helped solve that problem along with others.

  12. Skinny Pete Deux 68 months ago | reply

    This is perfect. So glad I ran into this! I have just kept all my instruction booklets in a dresser drawer and it irritates me to no end.

  13. notenoughbricks 68 months ago | reply

    Thank you! I am sure others have ways of filing their instructions but this suits my personality/creativity to a "T".

  14. CJ Ware LRPS 66 months ago | reply

    were did you get the folders from and instruction manuels

  15. notenoughbricks 66 months ago | reply

    I did all of this myself using a computer and Microsoft Word. I found pics online at brickset.com or lego.com and copied and pasted images I of sets that I own and there you go.
    The binders are Avery Binders with pockets in the front and back covers as well as the spine so you can insert your pics/titles there.
    As for the manuals, they are from sets that I own.

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