Strikkelise's patterns
These are the patterns to some of my own designs.
Click on the picture to see the pattern.

Need a glossary?
I recommend this one for Norwegian/norsk, English, Deutsch, Espanol, Francais.

Comments are closed on the patterns to keep the pages as tidy as possible.
If you have a question, please read through the comments to see if I have already answered it.

I´m afraid I do not have the time to guide users through patterns, but there are some Qs&As in the existing comments.

All rights reserved.
All patterns ©Strikkelise

I frequently get requests from people who want to sell my patterns or finished items using the patterns, so here’s a note on that:

What you knit or crochet from any of my patterns is yours to do with as you like. Sell it, keep it, give it away.

The patterns themselves are my property and are not to be sold, posted on the internet or distributed in any other way. This includes selling the patterns in kits, or using the patterns as a means to make money. I don’t charge anything for my patterns, and neither should anyone else.

Thank you.

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