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well, I've been tagged by v1nz, so I have to tell you 16 things about me :)

let's start:


* I'm 23 years old, even if I still look like a child, so people use to think I'm 16.

* I don't like make up and I wear it hardly ever.

* I never have smoked a cigarette, but I use to drink a lot of beer.

* I'm not kind, and I swear a lot.

* I'm in love since 5 years and 4 months <3

* I'm scared by everything could come closer the eyes.. fingers, eyelaner, contacts. the only thought there's someone who wear contacts make me sick.

* my room is an undefined colours between pink and magenta.

* I'm obsessed by underwear. when I go shopping I always buy some new tangas or funny panties.

* purple is my favourite colour.

* I love cats, but I can't have one at home because of my mum -.-

* I have some strange attractions for bad people. and I always side with the evils.

* I cry a lot.

* I name everything. and when I say everything I mean.. everything :P

* I wanted to study japanese at the university, but I never have done that.

* I hate dancing, and I really don't know how people can find it's funny.

* I don't call many people 'friends', but when I do that it's because they're true friends.


and also: as you can see form the shot.. I wear glasses, cause I'm short-sighted and I can't see anything without T_T


and now.. watch out, I'm coming in your stream and I'll tag you too :ù


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