MCAD Students, Projections: MCAD All-Nighter
2011 Northern Spark, Minneapolis, Saint Paul,

Bryan Clendenen and Lauren Thorson’s Synthetic Unity uses motion graphics, light, and sound, all projected atop three-dimensional shapes and accompanied by live music from McNally School of Music composer, Chester Yourczek, to transform an indoor hallway into an art and music venue.

Jack FX Pavlik’s sound sculpture Group of Twenty consists of twenty individual free standing computer-controlled sound making parts, all playing a timed composition. Located on the east lawn outside MCAD’s main building, Group of Twenty merges these electronic arrangements to the sounds of the natural environment in which they stand.

Anthony Warnick’s installation, Untitled, includes a portable soccer scoreboard, bleachers, and pennants situated along the east wall of MCAD’s main building. Displaying the data of two teams, The Communists and The Capitalists, this game is played live and scored based on the appearance of each player’s name on Twitter during each 90-minute game.

Rachel Knoll and Luke Axelson’s audiovisual installation Transrelation brings together moving image, sculpture, sound, and spatial relationships. Mundane data extracted from numerous locations on- and off-campus are transposed and installed in MCAD’s Gallery 148.

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Photograph Dusty Hoskovek, courtesy
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