Roman Verostko, Three-Story Drawing Machine
2011 Northern Spark, Minneapolis, Saint Paul,

At dusk, Roman Verostko’s drawing machine begins creating an algorithmic drawing guided by his coded drawing instructions. The drawing ratio, scaled for a three-story wall, is coded for completion at sunrise, which is the end of a 705-minute drawing session. The drawing machine, as it traces each line in the artist’s studio, is projected in real time as Three-Story Drawing Machine on MCAD’s three-story wall, in this project within a project.

As each stroke traces its own path, viewers experience sound aligned with the speed and direction of that particular process. Gradually, the disciplined logic of the algorithm and the poetry of the form merge together, marrying mind and machine. The completed work, as “Algorithmic Poetry”, complements the artist’s recent show at the Digital Art Museum Gallery, [DAM] Berlin. The digital art pioneer, Frieder Nake, for a public dialogue with Verostko in Berlin, viewed this series as the “Joy of Digital”, a celebration of the charm and grace of algorithmic form.

Presented by Northern with the Minneapolis College of Art and Design
Photograph Dusty Hoskovek, courtesy
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