Piotr Szyhalski, Empty Words (so that we can do our living)
Empty Words (so that we can do our living) is a nine-hour participatory multimedia poem. Featuring spoken word, live music, projections, art objects, and other actions, this spontaneous blend of community festival and theatrical performance is tempered by a sense of thoughtful expectation.

Inspired by poet/composer John Cage’s objective to demilitarize the English language so that we “can’t control one another,” Szyhalski’s event asks: what new ideas emerge when familiar devices of control are rendered useless? Empty Words challenges us to consider empty flags, parades without meaning, or demilitarized history. This dusk ’til dawn collective contemplation of surrender and renewal is a movement toward a hopeful future — a transformation of darkness into light, of words into music.

Throughout the evening, the public is invited to participate in readings of “Empty Words,” Cage’s playful and poetic experimental text. Live performances of Vexations by Erik Satie — including accordion, bass, cello, clarinet, double bass, electric violin, electronics, keyboard, piano, saxophone, synthesizer, violin, and vocals — continue until sunrise.

John Cage’s Empty Words, Part III copyright ©1975 by John Cage. Used by permission of C.F. Peters Corporation. All rights reserved.

Presented by Northern Lights.mn
Photograph Patrick Kelley, courtesy Northern Lights.mn

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