Jim Campbell, Scattered Light
Scattered Light features 1,536 LEDs encased in standard light bulbs and suspended within a support structure 80 feet in length, 20 feet high and 16 feet deep. Hanging in mid-air, these tiny light sources vibrantly illuminate the night while using less electricity than a kitchen toaster. The LED bulbs are programmed so that, when viewed up close, they 'play back' previously recorded video footage in very low resolution. From other points of view, the outdoor sculpture is just scattered light.

In an interview, Campbell says: "The work can be thought about as a two-dimensional x-y grid of lights (displaying an image) that has been pulled apart into a three-dimensional partially filled grid, such that the final work has no more information than the original two-dimensional grid had. It's a variation of an idea that I've had for a long time and that is to look at ways of stretching an image out of its two dimensional form."

Presented by the Minnesota Museum of American Art with Northern Lights.mn
Sponsored by Securian Financial Group, Inc. with support from Cultural STAR, City of Saint Paul; Greiner; The Saint Paul Hotel

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