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About my Flickr Collection | by northernblue109
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About my Flickr Collection

1. Introduction. My collection of transport images is different from what you would normally find on Flickr, in they have almost all been digitally-modified in Photoshop (or Photoshop Elements), so please do read the captions under individual images. I am always pleased to attract genuine followers from the Flickr community but I may block you if your photostream is empty or if you appear to be hiding your real name.


2. Fictional images are not (and are not intended to be portrayed as) historically accurate. This will typically be because the livery or some other detail has been digitally-modified to portray a 'might have been' scenario. Fictional images are always based on - what I believe to be - a credible rationale, which is always explained in the accompanying extended caption. I do not do spoofs or wind-ups and do not permit my work to be used in this way.


3. Digital representations have been digitally-modified in an attempt to provide a reasonable representation of a real-life subject. What is reasonable in any situation, will depend on the information available and the work involved. You are welcome to point out any detail that I have have overlooked but please do so in a courteous manner (point-scorers will be blocked).


4. Digitally-coloured images are just that. These images have not been intentionally modified in any other way. For these images, the copyright assertion applies to the colour overlay.


5. Suggestions and requests. Suggestions are always welcome but, due to previous time-wasters, I am no longer able to accept requests for work other than on a paid-for basis (see below). I am particularly annoyed with those individuals who have made a specific request or query and then not bothered to acknowledge my response.


6. Commissioned work. I regret that I am not accepting commissioned work at the present time. Whilst I am not actively seeking commissioned (paid for) work, I have a limited capacity to undertake private commissions. Unless I already have a suitable base image, you must supply an appropriate image for which you are the copyright owner or have the copyright owner's permission. The following technical specification apply. In order of preference, I can use original high-resolution images from digital cameras (not phones or anything else that isn't first and foremost a camera); or scans from slides, negatives or original black & white prints. I am generally unable to use digital prints, colour prints of any kind, images downloaded from the internet, or scans from books or magazines. In the context of this specification, the term resolution is a measure of fineness of detail. Image dimensions (in pixels) and file size (in megabytes) are indicators of resolution - or lack of - but neither is an absolute guarantee. Increasing either of these will not increase resolution - the determining factor will always be the image that you started with. As a guide, I am looking for images of at least 1800x1200 pixels saved in TIFF (preferred) or JPEG format with a minimum file size of 1Mb. If JPEG, always use the highest quality setting available. In all cases, please provide original images without any post-camera or post-scan processing.


7. Legal stuff. Copyright will be enforced by all available means. You are welcome to provide a link to any image on this site but it would be a criminal offence to post a copy of the image to Facebook or anywhere else, or to publish or distribute it by any other means. If asked, I will make all reasonable attempts to remove you from any of my images; otherwise, I reserve the right to use, in any way I choose, any image taken by me in a public place. Fictional images are not intended to infer any change of ownership or use of any vehicles on which they are based.


8. Contacting me I cannot guarantee to respond to queries posted as comments under individual images but will endeavour to do so if they relate to the image concerned. Otherwise, you will need to send me a Flickrmail (you need to be a Flickr member to do this but sign-up is free). As a matter of courtesy, please remember to include your real name - I am not willing to deal with anonymous persons hiding behind user names. Please also note that I do not use Facebook, other than as a source of information, and am unlikely to respond to messages sent via this medium.


Updated 13-Jul-20


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