Sauthier Maps
Claude Joseph Sauthier (1736-1802) was an illustrator, draftsman, surveyor, and mapmaker, who was employed by the British colonial government in the American colonies prior to and during the American Revolutionary War.

Sauthier was born November 10, 1736, in Strasbourg, France. His early training was as an illustrator and draftsman, and his influences were the master garden designers Dezallier d'Argenville and Jean-Baptiste Alexandre Le Blond. Several of Sauthier’s works from the 1750s are archived in the library of the Grand Seminaire de Strasbourg. In 1763, Sauthier wrote A Treatis on Public Architecture and Garden Planning.

Sauthier migrated to America in 1767 at the request of British royal Governor of North Carolina William Tryon. Sauthier accompanied Governor Tryon throughout the Province of North Carolina from 1768 to 1771, mapping towns that were deemed militarily important to Tryon.

Copies of some of the maps Sauthier made during this time are included in this set. The original maps are archived at the British Library, London. Copyright to these maps is also owned by the British Library. Please do not use or publish copies of any of these maps without permission from the British Library.
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