Norris Lake - Misc
Norris Lake was the first lake in the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) system, constructed in 1934. It has 880 miles of shoreline and encompasses almost 35,000 acres.
Norris Lake is the deepest TVA lake. It has extensive year-round main channel waterways.
It is the highest rated TVA lake with approximately 96% purity. It is crystal clear with 25' visibility. The natural stone and hardwood shorelines are the perfect accent to the teal blue color of the water and almost 80 percent of the 230,000 people who live in the Clinch-Powell watershed depend on the river system for drinking water and other benefits.
Norris Lake is fed by two rivers, the Clinch and the Powell.
Norris Lake, encompassed by Cove Lake State Park, Big Ridge State Park and Norris Dam State Park, is the only lake to have three state parks.
Approximately 75-80% of Norris Lake shoreline is controlled by TVA and the State of Tennessee. These areasare designated Wildlife Management Areas, State Parks, Country & City Parks and Marinas.
The abundance of deep water coves, pristine shoreline, numerous natural stone caves and depth of Norris Lake make it perfect for recreation, boating, water sports, hiking and fishing.
Stripers, Trout, Large and Smallmouth Bass, Walleye, Catfish and Blue Gill are just a few of the sixty-plus fish found in Norris Lake. The lake supports warm-water, cool-water as well as cold-water sport species. Norris Lake is rated by some as a TOP 10 Bass fishing lake in North America.
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