QUB Rag Day, Belfast 1971
Mayhem on the streets of Belfast as students from Queen's University Belfast dress up and go collecting for charity in March 1971
(I originally labelled them 1970 but on closer inspection the badges say Rag 71)

Haven't looked at these pictures for years as I printed very few at the time.

Flour was major constituent of the event - I thought at first the negs were fogged.

They're a bit haphazard. I took lots of photos but didn't manage to store the negs in any great order - I've just uploaded them anyway.

Look closely to see if you can spot your current doctor, solicitor, insurance salesman, gynecologist, a President of Ireland or a Godfather of Punk.

Shot on a Werra 4, with f2.8, 50mm Tessar lens and Tri-X film
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