Safeway supermarket 1974 - 0010a

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    Closed Safeway store - Might be Kensington High Street. Or did the Macfisheries on Notting Hill Gate become a Safeway before it became a Waterstones? No barcode scanners then

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    1. Horganator 51 months ago | reply

      I didn't know this one in particular, but I remember the Macfisheries in Richmond-upon-Thames that later became Wallace (and perhaps then International and Wallace). I was very young then, but I'm pretty sure that same building (in Richmond, not this one) is what is now Tesco, having been other things in between.

      I used to love the little plastic (Bakelite-style) chutes where the change came out of supermarket tills. They're back in vogue again.

      Sorry, went a bit off-topic and suburban there... :-) It was just the mention of Macfisheries that set me off.

    2. normko 51 months ago | reply

      I don't think there are many of us who remember Macfisheries. I always though it an odd name but suddenly it just disappeared.

    3. bosslet 51 months ago | reply

      I remember Macfisheries! It changed its name to MacMarket, there was one in Kingston.
      I love the old cash registers in this picture, they made a lovely whirring noise, far more pleasant on the ear than all the bleeping scanners you get now.

    4. normko 51 months ago | reply

      In my dim and distance past I spent a 70s summer working one of them on the check-out in Palmer's Green Co-op. Had to enter actual money values for each item. Kids today don't know they're born.

    5. normko 47 months ago | reply

      Thanks Don - I didn't imagine there would be a website for Macfisheries. But then, there's not much now that doesn't have a little niche on the web.

    6. Horganator 47 months ago | reply

      That link is worth checking out if, like me, you like looking at old pics of British high streets. Not sure what sort of geeky smiley to use now, maybe this :oF

    7. kiska2481 25 months ago | reply

      I worked at Chelsea Girl on Kensington High St (before it became River Island) as a youngster for a while in the mid 1980s. I remember always popping into the Ken High St Safeways to buy my lunch. Those young and care free halcyon days :) Thanks so much for this photo .

    8. normko 25 months ago | reply

      Glad it brought back some youthful memories kiska2481

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