Belfast from QUB 1969 - BIGGER 06 02B

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    Taken from the upper floor of the library block at Queens. Looking roughly North. Big cranes visible at Harland & Wolff shipyard and the Gasworks in Cromac St

    I've reloaded this one at a much bigger size as there's a lot of detail in it. My original file is still considerably larger than the one uploaded if anyone's really interested.

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    1. W10 ages ago | reply

      Let me guess Normko - you studied at Queens University in the 1970s?

    2. normko ages ago | reply

      You got me there - the library was always a quiet place to nurse a hangover.

    3. Dream Catcher♦ ages ago | reply

      My pa patrolled there.

    4. normko ages ago | reply

      Small world this flickr. My da worked in the gasworks that dominates the middle of the picture.

    5. Murley Band ages ago | reply

      That's a much nicer building than the Radisson

    6. lilmisus.blondy ages ago | reply

      My Grandad came from belfast....he was an orange (not a fruit) a protestant but he later moved to Manchester where he then brought up his family.

    7. eric_caves ages ago | reply

      The white building in the left backgroung is Ulster Television studios on the Ormeau road opposite the Gas Works. The fumes from the Gas Works played havoc with the electronic relays in our equipment.

      Eric Caves
      UTV 1959 1989

    8. eric_caves ages ago | reply

      Sorry Right Background! re UTV Studios

    9. normko ages ago | reply

      I remember that UTV was close to the gasworks but I didn't realise that the fumes had such an effect. You live and learn. Thanks Eric.

    10. Woodkern ages ago | reply

      I met my gal by the gasworks wall.

    11. normko ages ago | reply

      Dreamed a dream by the old canal.

    12. hender10 ages ago | reply


      My name is David Henderson. I am a final year student studying Interactive Multimedia Design at the University of Ulster, Jordanstown.

      For my final project (a project where each student gets to design an application or significant piece of media), I am creating a short video advertising the city of Belfast.

      The video will consist of motion graphics, sound, and interesting facts about Belfast. I hope to include information on the history, present and future of the city. With so many new and exciting developments happening in Belfast at present and in the near future there is a lot of scope which can be included.

      I plan to have this project completed at the end of May. The website is

      I am designing a gallery of Belfast's past, present and future and was wondering if I could use some of your photographs in the gallery, I could link through to your Flickr page. This would help me out a lot.

      Thank you very much for your time and help,

      David Henderson.

    13. normko ages ago | reply

      Hi David - sorry I've not answered sooner but I've been away. Very interested in your project and happy for you to use some of my photos in it, with the link back to Flickr. If you want higher res versions, drop me an e-mail - the address is on my profile.

    14. G_e_o_f_f 110 months ago | reply

      Nice one Norm. Missed this before but it showed up in a search and I just had to have a look.

      I used to find the upper floors very peaceful for studying, even though I was a Psychology student and all my relevant texts were up the road in the Science Library. And of course I could always enjoy the view.

      As a student I had a part time job as a shelf tidier on the 7th floor, history & politics I think. Had to sort books into order and weed out any mis-shelved (or hidden) tomes. They must have been impressed as I got promoted to evening duty on the issue desk.

      All history now as Queen's as a brand new library on the site of the old David Bates Building and the tower block has closed. No announcements yet about if it's to be demolished or redeveloped.

      As for my Da, he used to work in UTV, now retired he's often found frequenting Flickr ^^^.... small world indeed!

    15. normko 110 months ago | reply

      I knew there was a new library but I didn't realise this one would close. Obviously you can have too many libraries. Yes, many a happy hour spent here and with a keep fit regime to match - always used to walk/run up the stairs rather than take the lift.

      Maybe your dad knows these guys - again a photo commented on by Eric Caves -

      QUB Rag Day 1971 - 0163

      It's the small world thing ....

    16. G_e_o_f_f 110 months ago | reply

      Aye you could beat the lift going down all the time by taking the stairs, it always made so many stops between the top and the bottom. Racing it in an upwards direction was a bit more of a feat.

      I must have been too cryptic with my last comment. Eric IS my dad!

    17. normko 110 months ago | reply

      The world gets smaller by the minute. I suppose your dad takes the credit for your interest in photography. Reading your comment again I now get the connection - please send him my regards.

    18. rea#91 83 months ago | reply

      Hi Norm , it is definitely a small world . Don`t know if you`ve seen my comments on your Brittanic St photos about my Granny being born and raised a few doors down from your mum , at number 91 , but my Granda , who was from Sandy Row as well , also worked at the Gasworks all his life . So he may well have known your da !!!!

    19. normko 83 months ago | reply

      Small indeed - the Gasworks was a small community of it's own. My da worked there through the 50s and 60s so I wonder if they did know each other.

    20. rea#91 83 months ago | reply

      They may well have done . My Granda worked there in the 50s and 60s and retired from there in the late 70s . It used to be fun trying to head him off on the way home from there before he hit Sandy Row and got himself in either The Royal , or Laverys ( or both ) .

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