Cambridge 1982: Andy's Records

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    Mill Road, Cambridge

    This photograph was taken in August, 1982. Andy's Records no longer exists - as with many independent chains, it was squeezed out of business by the multinational megastores on one side, and the truly independent record stores on the other. There were also branches of Andy's on Regent Street and Fitzroy Street, as well as the original store on Cambridge market. Andy's originally started on Felixstowe Sunday Market, before opening shops in Bury, Ipswich, Norwich and Cambridge. By the end they had more than thirty stores, mostly in East Anglia and Lancashire.

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    1. julia dream06 88 months ago | reply

      do you remember Parrot Records in Colchester and surrounding towns?

    2. Simon_K 88 months ago | reply

      Yes. They had a branch in Cambridge, on King Street. Rex Records, who were, I think, connected, were in Ipswich, and incredibly their shop closed barely 18 months ago.

    3. Simon_K 88 months ago | reply

      Incidentally, this shop features in the shortlist for my 'most embarassing moment'. It won't win, but it would feature in the highlights on Eurosport....

    4. brian sutton 88 months ago | reply

      really like that typeface on the store.

    5. Hindolbittern 88 months ago | reply

      C'mon Simon - we're all listening. It'll all feel much better for sharing.

      Seen in my recent comments. (?)

    6. Simon_K 88 months ago | reply

      Are you sure you really want to know? In mitigation, I was only 15 at the time...

    7. Hindolbittern 88 months ago | reply

      Yes. Nuff already with the mitigating factors. Spill Simone.

      Seen in my recent comments. (?)

    8. Hindolbittern 87 months ago | reply

      I'm still waiting. You'll feel a huge sense of release.

      Found in a search. (?)

    9. Simon_K 85 months ago | reply

      Tht was then, this is now:

      Andy's Records

    10. Hindolbittern 73 months ago | reply

      Right. Cambridge quiz.

      Can you remember what was the name of the cafe/coffee bar about two or three doors along from the Corn Exchange towards The Eagle? Think it had a vaguely middle eastern name and a sign outside of a coffee cup with steam coming out. It kept going through the 70s and maybe into the 80s.

      The A&R man and a chum have been going into a spin today trying to recall it. I suggested you were just the man to help.

      Found in a search. (?)

    11. Hindolbittern 73 months ago | reply

      And what was the embarrassing moment, whilst we're here? I've been waiting for over a year to find out.
      Seen in my recent comments. (?)

    12. Bridget3009 65 months ago | reply

      This brings back some memories! There was an Andy's records in Kings Lynn once upon a time! Then he expanded to Norwich and Cambridge I believe.

    13. Whipper_snapper 63 months ago | reply

      A great period shot.

      (seen in 1-2-3 history)

    14. *langga_kita* 63 months ago | reply

      SO COOL!
      (seen in 1-2-3 history)

    15. Corwin's Trumps 63 months ago | reply

      I love these little vignettes of the more "mundane" history of daily life.

      (Seen on ~1-2-3 History (post 1, comment on 2, view 3)~.)

    16. The Stakhanovite Twins 63 months ago | reply

      Would you like to add Andy's to the First-Name Basis Signage Project? Cheers.

    17. SisterLuna~ 57 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called This is Mill Road , and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    18. frscspd 57 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Cambridge (England) People & Portraits, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    19. Cooperail 47 months ago | reply

      Buying records on the Internet is easy today, but that is no comparsion to rooting around in independent record shops. I don't feel sorry for souless multi-mega types such as Zavvi.

    20. BitchSchool1 33 months ago | reply

      I just bought a cassette in Portland Or. "Metal Killers Kollection" it has an Andy's sticker on it...ha!

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