Saxon cross

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    Rosary Cemetery, Norwich

    1. Reader Chris Sanham 51 months ago | reply

      I think this is what is generally known as a "celtic" cross, as seen in many places in Ireland etc.

    2. Simon_K 51 months ago | reply

      In fact, no. This is not a Celtic cross, but a Saxon design - it is what is known as Saxon knotwork. This cross is in East Anglia - if you think about it, a Celtic cross would be rather far from home in East Anglia! This is a modern cross, of course, but it is based on an old design. For obvious reasons, there are no Celtic crosses in East Anglia, and this one is based on the design of the 9th Century Saxon cross at Iken in Suffolk.

      Incidentally, I think we have developed something of an inferiority complex in our attitudes about Saxon and Celtic artwork. Saxon art was at least the equal of Celtic art, and Saxon culture, particularly in the kingdom of East Anglia, was vibrant, sophisticated and elaborate. That material survivials have been almost completely effaced in Norfolk and Suffolk is no reason to think that Celtic culture was in any way superior.

    3. brianvmi86 49 months ago | reply

      Saxon or Celtic, the design reminds me of the crosses I saw on Iona (a remarkable place) a few years ago. (My earring is of a similar style cross.)

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