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    Christ Church, New Catton, Norwich

    Victorian church in urban setting in north Norwich. It is open every morning.

    1. Leo Reynolds 75 months ago | reply

      The altar is further forward. It used to be up against the screen.

    2. Simon_K 75 months ago | reply

      A lot of Anglican churches, especially those in the medium-to-high tradition, responded to the changes in the Catholic Church at Vatican II in the 1960s by also moving their altars forward. Christ Church at New Catton really lends itself to this, I think. Was the altar hard against those decalogue boards at the back? Was there an altar rail between the two piers in the picture?

    3. Leo Reynolds 75 months ago | reply

      As you can now see, yes and yes.

    4. Simon_K 75 months ago | reply

      Thanks Leo. What you knew was certainly the original configuration from the 1870s.

    5. Leo Reynolds 75 months ago | reply

      5 Down 4 Across is how I remember it minus the lights and with backs on the pews.

    6. Simon_K 75 months ago | reply

      Leo, I'm pretty sure looking at that photo that the pews have been replaced with some from elsewhere, possibly a redundant non-conformist church. When I saw the furnishings, I absent-mindedly dated the church in the 1840s - I was surprised to discover that it was actually built in the 1870s. I think the furnishings are older, and from elsewhere. If they came from a Norwich chapel, perhaps just post-WWII, there are a number of possibilities.

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