Lunar Panels

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    Taken a few minutes after midnight after getting back from visiting HQ.


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    1. fotoflippr 97 months ago | reply

      What a great shot - beautiful colours

    2. wootam! 97 months ago | reply

      n, this is crazy.

      you need to start selling prints and i'll be your greatest customer (ps - send the file so i can get it printed ;))

    3. totonarutoo [deleted] 97 months ago | reply

      I think this is a representation of the photographic art !
      I give you a
      A masterpiece ! Congratulations !

      Come to join the group and reward photos in the "Perfection *award*/> group

    4. mroth 97 months ago | reply

      Beautiful color.

    5. Festblues ~ [...on Flickr Break...] 97 months ago | reply

      Beautiful blue...

      You are a blue ribbon winner! Please add your amazing photo to:

      Blue Ribbon Photography (invite only images)
      Please tag your photo BlueRibbonWinner

    6. Myles! 97 months ago | reply

      You have solar panels at your house?

    7. Norby 97 months ago | reply

      woot: I'll get right on that ...

      Myles: Yes, and a wind generator. I have managed to not post a single photo of them to date.


    8. tabloyd 97 months ago | reply

      Here's your wind generator picture that I most remember. I like that both that and this one are taken at night. This is beautiful.

    9. BLUETIGER64 97 months ago | reply

      Love this picture.
      Your pic becomes nominee of "Shield Of Excellence"
      Please add this photo to
      Shield Of Excellence Group

    10. Mr Kael 97 months ago | reply

      awesome shot

    11. mandus 97 months ago | reply

      Interesting shot - nice blues and darks

    12. Thomas Kamann 97 months ago | reply


      -- (?)

    13. wootam! 97 months ago | reply

      i shit you not, i bought a new frame today for this one. the other one will be (finally) ready to pickup in the next 5 days :)

    14. Norby 97 months ago | reply

      So, how much are you paying for me to send you the file? :)


    15. wootam! 96 months ago | reply

      oh no no, this is a "you tell me" kinda process bud ;)

    16. villalatham 86 months ago | reply

      I wonder how much more power these 'lunar' panels could produce if the light from the moon was focused using an array of magnifying glasses or telescopes for example.

      Does focussed light contain more energy per dot (being focused to a point) than the unfocused area that the light will natually fall on?

      Is this is the case then solar panels have much room for improvement!

    17. Norby 86 months ago | reply

      Well yes, it's just reflected sunlight. There are a number of styles of concentrators and types of focusing that are under development:

      When you concentrate the solar energy, you add complexity with regards to focusing the light on a smaller area as well as dealing with higher operating temperatures (which affect the efficiencies of the underlying PV materials).


    18. Ray's DIY Solar panels 45 months ago | reply

      Yeah, nice one! Gotta love the depth of blue. Looks a bit romantic to me.

      Another great example that technology can be rewarding. No only are solar panels saving the planet but also giving pleasure for the eyes.

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