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Somebody didn't want me to take this shot ? - I'm not Paparazzi - 8 years or so ago maybe a Pap camera ? Nikon D1x : 1971 Humber Sceptre ( Badge Engineering Hillman Hunter Variant ) : Fathers Day Classic Vehicle Spectacular RSR Preston :



" Back in 2001 the Nikon D1x was hot stuff, Nikon's top professional camera, selling for $5,000 or so, that could blow your head clean off. I picked one up recently for much less, because time is a monster to old digital cameras, and I was curious to see what it was like. This relic from a bygone age. This thing lots of people had admired from afar, because it cost $5,000, at a time when that was a lot of money.


Despite depreciating like mad it still has a certain kind of dignity, a certain professional sheen even today. It's thoroughly over-the-hill, but how else are you going to get hold of a hefty, all-metal, professional digital SLR, with a decent resolution and a built-in big man's portrait grip, for £180 or so? Or £250-ish if it comes with the charger, and the rubber is still intact. "


www.lonestardigital.com/techcorner.htm " January 18, 2002


" Here's a theory about how Nikon came up with those mysterious D1X rectangular pixels. Is there a 10+ megapixel successor to the D1X at some point in the future? The Nikon D1, D1H, & D1X imaging sensors have always been a bit of a mystery (especially the rectangular-pixeled D1X). Nikon has remained steadfastly tight-lipped about their source & technology. "


When Nikon got it right - the sensor appears to have been used in the D200 , D80 , D60 and D40x cameras "


www.kenrockwell.com/nikon/d1xperf.htm " This review was written in 2002 - 2003 so take it accordingly. The D1X does indeed make GREAT images, even printed at 20 x 30."


www.kenrockwell.com/nikon/d1x.htm " HISTORICAL WARNING:


This page was written back in 2001 when the D1X and D1H were hot stuff.


As of 2007, I wouldn't bother with either of these old boat anchors. "












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