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Is This The Wrong World?

Year One, 316.

Friday, February 3, 2012.

Zona Rosa, Bogotá, Colombia.


Is This The Wrong World

Trapped in a crashed car, the front window was a magic mirror answering my sighs

Stuck in a dead spaceship, the broken glass' cracks were bathing me in a diffferent light

And that shine left me free

And that shine left me sad


Is this the wrong world

Or is this the wrong me

Is that the right war

Where we suppose to be

And all of these peaceful smiles, glowing like a TV ad

Make me feel wearing a white wedding dress in a crushed funeral night


A golden cage, a Truman Show

A puppet paid, the gold turned cold

A hidden battle, death row of cattle

Horizons and razors, big bang and white holes

The shock must go on, the shock must go on


I feel like I've died a thousand times

Still this is my year one.




continuará .....

to be continued .....


model / modelo: Avril Lavigne

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Uploaded on February 3, 2012