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Saigon's largest fish market. Nights only. All night long. 365 days a year. An aggressive place where aggressive people do aggressive things with fish. Read more about Chanh Hung market or just go and watch a video of the madness. I shot it on a cameraphone at around 2am on the same night as these snaps.

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jennjen li says:

I'm from Hong Kong, and now live in Toronto, Canada. We dont get places like that here in the lovely Canada. We do, but .. I guess not to that degree. I miss it somewhat, actually--the hustle bustle. After browsing your pictures, I can just smell it all.
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noodlepie says:

Yup - this is an amazing place. I've visited a lot of fish markets in Asia, but there's none quite like this. Very, very Vietnamese. I love the place, but it isn't an *easy* place to visit.
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