Whatever happened to Curry Twiglets?

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    I sent a message down the "freak line" to find out what happened to Curry flavour Twiglets. Rubbishy non-answer. From www.awholelotofcrunch.com

    1. manthatcooks 94 months ago | reply

      Maybe you should reply with something along the lines of:

      "Well I hope you won't be disappointed with your teeth being punched down to your arse."

      and then you could live forever as the man who was arrested for writing threatening Curry Twiglet letters.

    2. noodlepie 94 months ago | reply


      I'm already treading the nutter line a little *too* closely for my liking.

      I respect your advice, but I'll let this one lie - FOR NOW .......

    3. chotda 94 months ago | reply

      that is one arse-munching understatement.

    4. noodlepie 94 months ago | reply

      Indeed it is... I should also add to this - just to prove I'm really, really not a nutter - that i was researching a story for a newspaper about crisps flavours and brands that have disappeared, why, when, how and what the internet reaction was/is. The article has kinda gone nowhere thus far, but I may pitch it around again.

    5. GUfood 94 months ago | reply

      Yeah, yeah, research you say. You Curry Twiglet nutter you. Start a campaign Graham!

    6. noodlepie 94 months ago | reply

      :) Hmmm... Well, the interesting thing is (no, really it is) is that there are scattered groups all over the internet pining for this stuff and other stuff like it. Here's just one reaction to the disappearance of Worcester sauce flavour Twiglets


      Now, what's also interesting (yes, really) is that the manufacturers have NO BLOODY IDEA this is going on. At least not the folk I have spoken to.

      My conclusion is veering towards the obvious. They do not care about us. I think they should. At least more than they do.

      And who the hell are you GUFood? Susan? Kevin? Some other Guardian/Observer social media stooge?

    7. GUfood 94 months ago | reply

      Sorry! It's Suse. Must remember to say, although I rather like the mystery! x

    8. noodlepie 94 months ago | reply

      Aha. I should have a London date for you this week... And I'm saving your film thing


      to watch later on. Hope it's good :)

    9. GUfood 94 months ago | reply

      hmm - well, it's quite short at any road. Yes, email about london.

    10. noodlepie 94 months ago | reply

      That looks like you had a lot of fun... Wonder what you/they would've made of this market


    11. GUfood 94 months ago | reply

      I can hear the noise, I can smell the fish. Looks wonderful.

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