Fluid Moments - Ephemeral Paintings
Fluid Moments is a visual exploration of the relationship of transience and permanence in art. The original "painting" for each work was short lived, existing in its fluid state for only a few seconds. The images I recorded with the camera are the two-dimensional records of three-dimensional fluid works. Each image has become a distinct, and now more permanent, work in its own right that bears a family resemblance to its ancestor. These photographs are the only trace of the artwork’s transitory existence and exemplify the role of art in creating the illusion of permanence in a transitory world.

My technique is related to the traditional Japanese "suminagashi monoprint" or floating ink technique, but I use a camera to capture the floating design instead of paper. I created the original liquid works by layering and manipulating water-soluble, colored dyes on canvases of various liquids. The resulting images have a fluidity of line and layering of colors that would be difficult, if not impossible, to achieve in more traditional painting mediums. Many of the images have a Rorschach-like representational quality that invites viewers to impose their own paricular interpretation on the work. Stylistically, the works are reminiscent of Expressionist, Abstract Expressionist and Lyrical Abstractionist paintings of the 20th Century.
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