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Prince | by nomadsnature
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Cheetahs can not roar. Roaring is made possible by a special two-piece hyoid bone in the throat. All of the non-roaring cats like the cheetah have a one-piece hyoid bone. Only 4 cats can roar: the lion, tiger, leopard, and jaguar. The cheetah's chirp can be heard a mile away! Other cheetah sounds include purrs, bleats, barks, growls, hisses and chirps. Many of their vocalisations are totally unlike those of any other cat. Some are described here:

Churring: staccato growl, high-pitched

Nyam-nyam: cubs' sound when feeding

Ihn-ihn: mother's call to her young

Purring: like a house cat

Staccato purr: the sound made by courting males

Bleating: like a meow - a distress call

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Taken on May 27, 2018