100:365 - Spear-a-minty Greens

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    I'm so tired after today, that I didn't even think of my daily shot until this evening. While stealing a moment on hubby's laptop, I looked down at the pile of stuff I had removed from our kitchen, saw the gum, and went "huh, that's green." How inspirational.

    Good news...this gum is apparently good for your teeth, and our countertops are mostly installed.

    365 Days in Colour ~ spring time dreaming greens

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    1. Miss a Liss 46 months ago | reply

      My FAVORITE!!!! Great shot! Better story!! ...Huh, thats green..LOL you make me smile

    2. maggie_gem 46 months ago | reply

      Nice save! You are amazing at finding inspiration, love it!

    3. Reflective Kiwi %-) 46 months ago | reply

      Oh you've done a great job with this shot!!! I don't know HOW you guys keep up with these 365 challenges!!! Glad to hear your countertops are almost done... Relax and unwind a bit this evening... %-)
      I hope you're other precious little bit of 'green' isn't suffering from a bad headache!!! LOL! %-)

    4. RevDrPepper 46 months ago | reply

      Glad to hear that the countertops will be in place. That will mean the kitchen will be functional again. That means you can serve food. That means you can host the PARTY! Yeah!

    5. Miss a Liss 46 months ago | reply

      Party?? At Malindas?? I'm game!! Ill bring cake...(as long as Georgie doesn't eat it all...)

    6. ~wishiwasanotter~ 46 months ago | reply

      LOL @ "How inspirational"...sometimes I'm sitting on the toi...no wait, forget that :))
      Nice to hear you have your tops in place. I hope it finishes perfectly and you look at it after it's all said and done and have a complete *memory fade* when you try to think what it looked like before you ripped everything out :)

    7. RevDrPepper 46 months ago | reply

      Yes, I know; a second visit, but CONGRATS on Day 100! Sorry I missed that earlier. I guess I was tired last night, too. You've made it this far--once the kitchen is up and working, the rest of the projects will move along smoother! If they don't, just cook a meal and then relax!

    8. paloetic 46 months ago | reply

      happy 100 ... you are a real trouper :)

    9. PictureThis247 46 months ago | reply

      Whoo Hoo!! Congrats on the 100!! Somehow inspiration comes to us in mysterious ways!

    10. yakul 46 months ago | reply

      finding something green is one thing. presentation quite another. this is such a good shot!

    11. BarbaraCZ 46 months ago | reply

      It sure is green :) And with the lighting it makes for a perfect advertisement shot! :)

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