62:365 - Taster Testings

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    Jeero: Whews! I’s sure gladers that you and Darrell untieded me! What has gottens into you, Ox??

    Ox: Well, I have a super important project for you, err…Larry! The Gardeners and Groupies of Spinach have a created a new type of spinach and want you to test it out!!

    Jeero: GAGS wants me to tries it outs?? Me????

    Ox: Yes, you! They see how famous you are with your 365 project…

    Jeero: Well, that’s truers, I's quite famouses…

    Ox: Yes, yes you are!! That’s why they want you to test out two types of spinach in a blind taste test. Just put this blindfold on, and I’ll feed you one type of spinach at a time and you just have to tell me which one you like better.

    Jeero: Likes a game!!

    Ox: Yes, it’s exactly like a game. OK, let’s get this on you and let’s try the first one…

    Jeero: (nom, nom, nom) Yeppers! That’s definitely spinachers!!

    Ox: OK…and now…for the other type of spinach…take a nice big bite…

    Jeero: (nom, nom, nom, nom, nom) Cookie…cookie…cookies!!!! Waiters, justs a minutes! It’s alls comings back to me!! I’s Jeero..and I loves my choco chippers!! Why's I wearings my scarf on my heads? Whats the leafy greener thingys next to my cookies?? And…why’s those boots over theres lookings at me?!?

    Ox: I’ll tell you all about it and your buddy Zoro over a plate of cookies, Jeero.

    [The wrap up to Jeero's warped bout with amnesia]

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    1. CharsShots 48 months ago | reply

      This is not only darling but über clever! Why oh why didn't I think of this as a young mother?! But... perhaps Jeero should eat carrots or something. He's green enough already! Love the story. Now, please pass the cookies. Happy Toy-in-the-frame Thursday!

    2. hbmike2000 48 months ago | reply

      LOL! Thats awsome!

    3. Rebbel68 48 months ago | reply

      You are soooooo good.... start a collum

    4. Shelby's Trail 48 months ago | reply

      lol too cute..HTITFT

    5. Miss a Liss 48 months ago | reply

      theres my friend Jeero!! Welcome back little buddy. Georgie has missed you.
      Malinda you have quite an amusing imagination!! You should write a childrens book. "Adventures of Jeero, the sweetest Ugly there is"

    6. PictureThis247 48 months ago | reply

      "I's quite famouses…"....ROLFMAO!! Glad that Jeero is back among us!

    7. Trevdog67 48 months ago | reply

      Really cool stuff! I'll have to keep an eye on your photostream now.
      You are quite original and inventive. Love the dialogue.
      Thanks for your kind comments on my Krusty schtick.
      Cheers -T

    8. RevDrPepper 48 months ago | reply

      I knew things would work out for dear Jeero! I was beginning to get worried that he wouldn't remember what good old Choco Chipper cookies were like.
      I echo Jan--but ROFLLOL. Also, great dialogue and story, Malinda. Please, take a bow!

    9. spih_2 48 months ago | reply

      Cool, Jeero finally got his memory back - but I think I'll miss Darrell and Darrell...

    10. Lilla~Rose 48 months ago | reply

      Oh this is such a brilliant ending to the scenario
      and HTITFT to you all

    11. * Made of Stardust * 48 months ago | reply

      Yay awesome! Oooooo Zoro is gonna be in sooooo much trouble!

    12. penelope_134 48 months ago | reply

      Hehehe :) Love it!!

    13. Tim Spivey1961 48 months ago | reply

      Ox is a lot smarter than I thought.

    14. TexCalMiPhotog 48 months ago | reply

      Cookies for me!

    15. Fanaynay 48 months ago | reply

      Glad he got the cookies!

    16. paloetic 48 months ago | reply

      Malinda .. you are such a creative talent ... I just want to hug you, and Jeero and Zoro :) xo I just love this :)

    17. cazphoto.co.uk 47 months ago | reply

      B B B - yay for curative cookies!! :-)

    18. BarbaraCZ 47 months ago | reply

      Jeero is back!!

    19. www.bazpics.com 47 months ago | reply

      Good to have him back to normal, ok well as normal as the little guy can be!

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