Apple iPhone Bluetooth Headset Unboxing
I found one of the first released Apple Bluetooth Headsets today in the Apple Store in Marlton, NJ. My quick search did not find anyone else who had posted pics of an unboxing, so I figured I might as well try to be first. The unit is tiny, but fits well in the ear and has good sound. It comes with both the duo dock (to charge the iPhone and headset simultaneously) as well as the travel cord (to do the same in a smaller package). The coolest two features so far have to be the built-in magsafe connector on the headset for securely connecting to the dock or cable, and the fact that the Apple iPhone screen shows the charging status of the headset when both the iPhone and the headset are seated in the dock.

For those asking, if you go into iPod mode while the bluetooth headset is on, the music does not play thru the headset but thru the built-in speakers. If you want wireless headphones for tunes, you'll want to look elsewhere.

Update 7/24: One more note, I am a big guy with a larger ear canal than some. I find using the included earpads make the unit MUCH more secure in my ears. Without them, the unit sat okay, but might fall out if I shook my head vigorously or was chewing something. With the pads, I can't make it come out without pulling it out.
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